The meetup being held on Sunday is about wallets. These are the links and materials used for the meetup.

  1. learnmeabitoin resource on bitcoin outputs
  2. Example output
  3. Mastering Bitcoin link for nondeterministic wallets
  4. Mastering Bitcoin link for deterministic wallets
  5. learnmeabitcoin resource on hd-wallets
  6. bip32 link
  7. bluewallet watch only wallet page
  8. Bitcoin core code for where the master key is derived
  9. Master key derivation picture from Mastering Bitcoin
  10. Child key derivation spec from the bip
  11. Child private key derivation explanation from Mastering Bitcoin
  12. Child public key derivation explanation from Mastering Bitcoin
  13. bip39 link
  14. Mastering Bitcoin link for bip39
  15. Image for how the bip39 seeds are generated from Mastering Bitcoin